Our Brands



  • Produced in USA
  • Classic
  • Gold
  • Four star
  • Four star Grain Free
  • Dog and Cat available

Nutreco Wholesome Blend


  •  All our Grain Free Formulas are 100% completely balanced, using low Glycemic Index Peas, with Moderate Protein & Fat, providing natural healthy solutions for your pet at all stages of life. 

Nutreco Lifetime


  •  A family of premium "all life stage" formulas providing balanced nutrition to your pet without the use of Corn, Soy, Wheat or Meat by-products, all at an affordable price. 
  • Super Affordable

Victor Pet foods


  •  At VICTOR®, we’ve worked hard to create nutritionally complete super premium pet food that meets the highest of standards. 
  •  We proudly produce every bag of VICTOR in our own Texas-based facility. 
  •  Our dog foods have earned the highest ratings from Dog Food Advisor. 



  •  Each limited ingredient diet is made with 7–10 key ingredients that are easily recognizable. 
  •  Wholesome limited ingredients include peas, lentils, and garbanzo beans for gentle digestion—never corn, wheat or soy 
  • Currently stocking wet food and Canidae pure Petite




  • A protein-rich diet with the first 3-4 ingredients being proteins from animal sources
  • Low carb and low-glycemic ingredients to provide stable energy levels
  • Patented GanedenBC³⁰ probiotic for digestive and immune health
  • Made without grains, white potatoes, corn, tapioca or wheat