Worry-Free Pet Boarding & Grooming

Here at Indian Creek Kennel in Carbondale, Illinois, we offer pet grooming, as well as pet boarding for most types of pets. Our goal is to treat your pets as we would our own furry family members, so that they are as happy and comfortable as they would be at home. During your furry family member's stay here, they will get plenty of time to run around our grassy, fenced in yards (weather permitting), have options to play with our friendly, animal loving staff as well as options for baths, full grooms and nail trims. We aim to have your pet come home to you as happy and healthy as when you left them, perhaps even smelling even better! 

Boarding Experience

We have large fenced in yards that dogs get out into 4 times a day before and after feeding for 15-20 min at a time depending on the weather. All dogs have Kuranda beds and food and water bowls available. Blanket,food, and toys are provided at no extra charge but feel free to bring your own. We are heated and air conditioned. If pets are sensitive to change or on a special diet we ask the bring their of food in a sealed container.
Vaccinations are required for boarding. We must see proof of rabies and distemper along with the kennel cough vaccination prior to boarding. we ask all vaccinations are done no later then two weeks prior to boarding so your pet has protection.Pets can be groomed or given nail trims prior to pick up (additional charge) Feel free to come in and have a tour.

Boarding for Pets

When choosing a kennel to board your pet, there are many things to consider, from pricing to the condition of the facilities. At Indian Creek Kennel, we offer a safe and comfortable area for dogs to stay at while boarding with us. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive rates and details about our facility.  

(New boarding rates take effect 4/1/19

Boarding Rates


  • $24 per night for 1st pet in a run
  • $30 per night for dogs that have not been spayed or neutered
  • $18.00 per night for every additional pet in same run
  • Cats are $10 per night (must be spayed or neutered, as we will not house in tact cats)
  • We do also care for small animals where needed(birds, fish, rodents etc) please call for pricing.