Doggie Daycare


Daycare rates

$12/day if paid daily

$11/day for 5 day punch card($55)

$10.50/day for 15 day punch card(157.50)

$10/day for 20 day punch card ($200)

$4/day second dog same family

FAQ section

I have a young puppy, should I consider doggie daycare???

Our general response is yes, dog socialization is key for a happy, well rounded, healthy dog.  It increases activity, social knowledge, and proper behavior in public for your puppy.

How old does my puppy have to be to come to doggie daycare??

Our rule for minimum age is 16 weeks, as that is the state minimum requirement for the full range of vaccinations for all dogs.

What vaccinations do you require for doggie daycare?

We currently require rabies, distemper and Bordatella vaccinations.